Cascade Mountains

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Perhaps Oregon's best view of the High Cascade Peaks can be seen from the summit of Lookout Mountain near Hood River. Mt. Hood looms close - and can be seen at dusk and under the stars by night timelapse. Forest plants glow in the sunset and again at dawn. Morning on the summit brings views of Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Jefferson, The Three Sisters, and more. Bright sunlight at sunrise pokes through the bushes. A miniature macro world can be seen surviving on the mountaintop. Night timelapse, time-lapse, time lapse, mt. hood, portland, cascades, pacific crest trail, stars, milky way, natural, peaceful, nature, relaxing, gorgeous, epic, lens flare

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Lookout Mountain Dusk

Lookout Mountain Moonlight Timelapse


Epic Mt. Hood from Lookout Mtn in July

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