Iceland Vol. 1

About this Story

Two friends had 12 days to take on as much of Iceland as they could. Grabbing a Jeep in Reykjavik and driving fast around "ring road", they experienced everything from sun to snow, rainbows to the northern lights. They camped with wild horses and sheep and went blindly down all dirt roads to experience the true hidden beauty of Iceland.

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Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

Edge of the Earth

And then...Seagulls

Hello Horses

Glacier Ice

Wind On Down the Road

New Day, New Horned Sheep

More Water Falling

End of the Day At the Top of the World

Hike to Hengifoss Waterfall

Couldn't Drag Me Away

Snow Covered

Steamy Springs

Sunset and the Auroras

Odds & Ends

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