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Story & Heart is proud to partner with FilmConvert and Color Up Film Festival participants to bring you free educational content from the Academy of Storytellers.

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What Filmmakers Are Saying

“Lighting, audio, composition, creativity in dynamic storytelling and so much more...the Academy of Storytellers is definitely one of the most extensive and comprehensive sites to learn how to create films that will stand out from the crowd!”

— Frances S.

“I couldn’t recommend the Academy enough, anyone from a solo operator like myself through to members of the biggest teams, Story and Heart's insightful video tutorials has something for everyone. It makes every aspect of running my business easier and far more enjoyable.”

— Matt S.

“Because of the Academy I'm now focused on producing more story driven content and passion projects and a lot of new opportunities are coming from that, so I just want to say Thanks!.”

— Rodney R.

“As a filmmaker, I found in the Academy an amazing tool for improving my skills and learning in a rellay easy going and friendly way. I love how the topics are organized and the material you can get from every lesson.”

— Isabel V.

“Academy of Storytellers has unleashed my inner filmmaking superhero.”

— Hubert W.

“The one thing I appreciate most about the Academy is the community with other filmmakers. Watching the tutorials helps me recharge and reinforce my skills and knowledge of filmmaking. Helps me be more confident in my approach and feelings about different kinds of projects.”